Saturday, 19 May 2012

Parkrun Power

I am a sleepy bunny. You might ask why, given that I'm writing this at 2pm on a weekend. If you did ask, then I would answer that it was because I got up at 7.15pm so that I could have some breakfast before heading down to my local parkrun. One of the women I met at Bridlington 5 miles was supposed to be there today and I thought it would be nice to catch up, given the fact I missed her at Leeds Half Marathon. I figured that spotting her in a crowd of 100 would be a lot easier than spotting her in a crowd of 6000. Not so. I didn't see her :( But on the plus side, I did run a parkrun PB of 30:55, despite running 2 miles before I even got to the start line. The people also seemed a lot more friendly than last time I ran it, possibly due to the fact that it wasn't minus temperatures this time round.  Well, all expect one who said about one sentence to me and then ignored me thereafter. I made sure I overtook him. I finished with a sprint, spurred on by the sound of footsteps behind me (which I was later told was a 70 year old woman).I even got a lift home from a v kind fellow runner. So it was quite a good run, all things considered.

I came home to my boyfriend curled up in bed, all warm and cosy looking, so naturally I jumped in for a quick ccuddle before I hit the shower. Once clean, we went to the shops and I returned with some habernero sauce (mmmm hot sauce), some reggae reggae fiery guava sauce (no clue what it'll taste like, but sounds yummy), some omega seed mix (would rather get omega 3's from seeds, not fish) and some spicy mexican tofu pate, which is quite yummy. I want to eat healthily, I do, I just need to find enough yummy healthy foods to replace the rubbish I currently eat.

Speaking of eating, I have noticed that recently I've been feeling hungrier sooner after eating that I would usually. I think I'm finally at the level of mileage where I can eat more and not put weight on. Yay. Just gotta keep up the training now though, or I'll do what I did last year and keep up the increased food intake but not train as hard. And that is how I put on a stone. I assume It's how I did it anyway. I was always 45 kg before I stopped training as hard,but was 51kg at last weigh in. The doctors like to weigh me every time they see me to check my epilepsy meds/contraceptive pills aren't making me put on weight. They can do that to some people.

So anyway, to the stats.

Total mileage: 5.23mi
Time: 55.06
Av Pace: 10.32
Food equivalent: 10 link sausages (13g each) (approx 440 cals)


  1. Calorie counting!? LOL

    Well, I burned the equivalent of at least a fifth of the kebab I'll consume tonight. Looks like I'll have to run home!

  2. Dread to think how many calories are in a kebab. Am pretty sure they've got to be one of the most unhealthy things you can eat. Yummy tho lol

  3. Good time :)I keep meaning to do a parkrun. I just can't bring myself to get up early on a Saturday if I'm not at work! Today's 10k Manc run was my PB as I knocked 1m 45s of last years time so I'm happy that I've actually improved after a year's on/off regular running :)

    1. Thanks. I know what you mean about dragging self out of bed on a Saturday morning, I find it hard too. Congrats on your PB xhugzx


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